Website Version History

SSW’s website is under constant deployment.
Every time a developer checks in changes to the website in Microsoft TFS, a series of checks and deployment steps get performed.

Of course we make sure there are plenty of gates for developers to pass, so the quality remains high.
Eg. Check-in Policies

Below is a list of the most recent deployments on our website:

Change Date Time Developer Time Taken Check in Notes Changed Files
76760 Wed, 17 Apr 07:41 AM Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.WebApi.IdentityRef 1m 58s new URL for live stream SSW.Website.WebUI/Live/Default.aspx
76759 Tue, 16 Apr 07:55 AM Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.WebApi.IdentityRef 2m 15s update ssw china performance testing website SSW.Website.WebUI/China/default.js